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Puckerfaces Cattery

My name is Katherine Milstead. I am located in small town Rockwell, North Carolina,.

Here at Puckerface Exotics, we strive to produce the most healthiest, loving,

quality Exotic short hair & Long hair kittens, that

will become your next family member. I focus on kittens for Pet homes,

but may offer occasional breeding rights to reputable established small catteries,

NOT located in North Carolina.

I keep a very small number of Exotics so I can provide all the individual attention they need,

and a clean environment in my home and underfoot.

 They will be loved on and handled from day one, kittens & adults get their daily kisses!


To help produce the healthiest kittens I can, I pick healthy adults from reputable

breeders. My adults come from Champion and Grand Champion lines, with well known lines,

from the USA & Russia.




All adults are Felv & FIV  tested negative, DNA tested for 80 diseases and traits commonly found in cats,

including Polycystic Kidney Disease , Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy,  Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Mucopolysaccharidosis (All Types)

& Vitamin D-dependent Rickets. 
Adults receive  full DNA color testing, so I know what color and pattern kittens I can produce.


What all do Puckerface Exotic kittens come with:
  Vaccines done by Breeder, Dewormed twice, DNA testing on parents
(Why the parents? if the parents are negative for a gene, it can't be passed onto the kitten,
CFA registration papers, 3 generation pedigree,  Health Guarantee & 1 Year Genetic Guarantee


What do Puckerface Kittens go home with: Everything they need to get started in their new home

Non-clumping clay litter

Litter box & Scoop

Dry (Purina Kitten Chow Naturals)

 & Raw kitten food

Food Dish

Small Toys & Wand

Cat Scratching post 


Best way to reach me is

Call or Text: 




I rarely check Email:




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